Sarah Persha, Special Needs Educational Consultant
Dean Doering Associates
1569 SW Nancy Way, Suite 2
Bend, OR 97702

Parenting coordination has set a new standard for education and colloaboration in divorce and custody. Our team stives to bring this new model of care and collaboration to every family we serve, through divorce and custody, co-parent counseling, reunification, special needs educational consulting, estrangement and alienation. We are mental health and education professionals with 40 years of practice, serving Washington, Oregon, NW, and national clients.

Credentials: Masters in Family Systems Counseling

Group Memberships: AFCC, IECA, NATSAP

Collaborative Role(s): Coach, Child Specialist, Mediator, Other

Donna J. Smalldon
P.O. Box 91567
Portland, OR 97291

Collaborative Role(s): Financial Specialist
Donna J. Smalldon is a Founding Member of the CPW