Does anyone name a dog “Fido” any more? Anyway, I was at the vet with our very old pug, Pippa, the other day, and there was a framed poster on the wall that made me smile. I would like to share it with you; after all, the last few posts have been pretty serious. Believe t or not, I can make this about Collaborative law! Just keep reading.

Dogs are Miracles with Paws

A dog’s nose in the palm of your hand can cure almost anything. Dogs are made of love and fur. Let your dog take you for a walk. Dogs are a sure thing. Some little known dog secrets; oops, dogs have no secrets. If you had a tail, wouldn’t you wag it? Be your dog’s best friend. Dogs like dancing, drive-in movies, and dreaming. Dogs make great therapists. Kiss your dog all the time. Some dogs are nap dogs. Dogs invented unconditional love. Dogs are party animals. Apply dog logic to life: eat well, get petted, sleep a lot, dream of a leash-free world. LIVE YOUR DOG’S LIFE!

Don’t we all need unconditional love? Yes, I would wag my tail if I had one! I am not sure about kissing my dog, although I must admit I let our younger pug, Peter, “kiss” me.Before I retired, one of the highlights of my day was having two snorting pugs running around excitedly when I got home from school. Pugs are definitely nap dogs; Peter loves to nap on my lap while I am typing these blogs. It makes typing a bit more difficult, but his head is sure fun to rub!

Now here comes the Collaborative law connection. What happens when there is one beloved pet (dog, cat, bird, guinea pig, or whatever) and two households? One of the thorny issues in divorce can be, “Who gets Fido?” Collaborative professionals have encountered this, and one of the advantages of having someone not emotionally involved in the pet’s life is that he/she can help you make a rational decision on residential placement of Fido or Princess.

Collaborative professionals look at all aspects of your life and legacy up to the time of separation and help you start a new family legacy, with the pet as an integral part of it.

For you cat lovers, my vet did not have a “Cats are Miracles with Paws” poster. If I find one, I will share it. If you have it, please let me know what it says.

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