I have accumulated a stack of brochures prepared by Collaborative professionals, so I decided to read them. Why not? It is raining today, so working in the garden will not be happening!

Collaborative professionals are organized into “pods” (No, they are not whales!) on a roughly geographical basis. The goal is to have at least one member of each Collaborative professional “role” in the pod, so they can provide complete service. One of the pods is located in Tacoma (www.collaborativedivorcetacoma.com) and lists the following Collaborative team roles, professionals who are experts in the following areas:

*Collaborative lawyers, whose goal is to “reach the best legal resolution with integrity and fairness.”

*Child specialists, who help children “understand and process their parents’ divorce.” They also, according to the brochure, “act as the child’s voice in the development of a parenting plan.”

*Family specialists focus on helping parents “resolve their conflicts so they can co-parent effectively” after the divorce.

*Divorce coaches “help couples ‘uncouple’ their old, dysfunctional relationship” and learn how to communicate effectively as they move into their lives apart.

*Financial specialists focus on “post-divorce budgetary planning and division of assets and debts.”

“Planning for the Best While Preparing for the Worst” is the title of Jennie Bouska-Coddington’s informational brochure. That really in the heart of Collaborative professionals, desiring to make one of the worst experiences a family can go through something effective and well-planned. Jennie (www.planningforthebest.com) is a “financial”, one of the professionals focused on the division of property and other assets. They also focus on future family needs.

There is no way to predict exactly what will be needed in the future, but Jennie, and the other financial Collaborative professionals available, have the experience, education, and desire needed to guide clients into wise decisions.

Couples going through the Collaborative process do not necessarily need all of the available professionals. Usually the attorneys recommend the other team professionals according to the needs of the case and who they think will be a good fit with each other and the clients. Together, your team will focus on your needs and goals in a well-coordinated effort. So much better than fighting it out and then depending on a judge to make decisions for you, right?

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