Marjorie JamesMy husband recently attended a conference where Joseph Jordan spoke. Mr. Jordan is an independent consultant who speaks around the world, most often at conferences relating to financial planning and insurance.

He used his book, Living a Life of Significance, as a springboard for his inspirational talk. The book is written to financial planners, so I would not necessary recommend that you run out and buy a copy. Honestly, I do not plan to read it.

However, there is a statement on the back cover that caught my attention and got me thinking about Collaborative law. “Intrinsic value is not measured by how much money you make but the size of the problem you solve.” Let me explain how I think it relates.

Couples going through a divorce have a special challenge in the way their problems get solved. There is anger, regret, and disbelief during the process, but many couples are able to go through the process, using Collaborative law professionals, with a modicum of civility. The problems are large; good solutions are the key. In the midst of this tumult, wise decisions can be made.That is what Collaborative law is all about.

When my sister and her husband got a divorce, there was much discord. However, they both agreed that they would not “play” the children, trying to get them to choose sides. It worked; the children were spared. This was an immense problem that was solved wisely.

Couples using Collaborative law teams to assist them in the divorce process solve multiple large problems in a way that is civil and effective. That is what Mr. Jordan rightfully refers to as “intrinsic value.”

While on this subject, I must also highlight the Collaborative teams that work so hard to bring about positive outcomes during a very negative process. They guide their clients to decisions that will stand the test of time. Mr. Jordan states it this way: “You have a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of your clients. Providing people with independence, dignity, and legacy is a contribution worth far more than what your clients pay for.” I could not have said it any better!

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