Marjorie JamesI recently saw what I thought was a valuable quote on a plaque in a little “shoppe” near Seattle. It applies to all of our lives but especially to the lives of those who are going through divorce or have already divorced and are adjusting to life alone.

LEARN from yesterday. LIVE for today. HOPE for tomorrow.

LEARN from yesterday – We all have memories and lessons from our past. These are part of the fabric of our lives and can provide wise answers to our current questions. We must allow what we have learned through past experiences to guide us as we meet the challenges ahead. I heard someone say, “Continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is called insanity.” We are probably not insane, but we will not make progress until we learn what we need to learn from our experiences.

LIVE for today – When we are in the midst of challenges, especially those that attack our relationships and who we are, it is hard to live for the moment. However, the optimism that we need can bring us through those trying times with a modicum of stability. Notice that I didn’t say that living for today will take away the sadness or anger; it will not. However, that positive approach to life will help us keep an even keel during the storm.

HOPE for tomorrow – Oh, how hard this is when we are in the midst of the battle! We tend to tell ourselves that it will never be good again because we are so overwhelmed with the immediacy of our situation. However, “this, too, will pass” if we allow it to. The danger comes when we get so mired down in the quicksand of today that we forget that there will be a release, a chance to laugh again. Annie, from the play with the same name, reminds us, “The sun will come up tomorrow.”

LEARN. LIVE. HOPE. Good words for all of us, aren’t they?

Copyright, 2013. Marjorie E. James. All rights reserved.