CPW Balint Group

CPW is delighted to offer a Balint Group facilitated by Kris Wheeler, MA and Joanna Roth, JD.

Balint Groups are historically used in the medical field. At our 2017 Annual CPW Conference, Kris Wheeler, a Seattle therapist, introduced Balint groups and how they could serve collaborative professionals. Later that year, collaborative professionals in Seattle began a Balint group. Based on the continued and positive experience of that group, CPW is pleased to offer a Balint group via Zoom to collaborative professionals across the state.

The format will be familiar to those in practice groups -- a 90-minute monthly meeting.

Kris Wheeler, MA, and Joanna Roth, JD, will facilitate. The intention is to provide a confidential space for exploring the affective element of difficult cases. By imagining the experiences of the people involved, intuitively and speculatively, we open up perspective on ourselves and others. This creative experience is refreshing. Participants report having a greater capacity to engage with clients making their work more sustainable and reducing burn-out. The group experience expands new possibilities for how we relate to our professional teams.

Registration is open for up to nine (9) participates maximum with a minimum of six (6) participants.
Group will run for 5 monthly meetings.

Meeting will take place 4th Tuesday of the month from 12:15-1:45 via Zoom

Cost for the series varies depending on group size:
9 participants: $130 CPW Members
6 participants: $200.00 CPW Members

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