08/07/2020 - 9:00 AM 08/21/2020



August 7, 14, and 21 from 11 – 1 PM PST (2 – 4 EST)

Karen Bonnell, MS and Anne Lucas, LMHC

ZOOM Video Training

$275 USD

Please join us in a high-paced, three-part series that will prepare you to understand the underlying complexities of working with stepfamilies. Anne and Karen will skillfully guide you through the key considerations in working with stepfamilies – whether smooth sailing or struggling with adjustment post-decree/post recoupling. We will keep children front and center as we discuss the five challenges of stepfamily – developmental considerations from little ones to adults as well as when a co-parent has started their new relationship as an affair or when a co-parent has died. This training is for mental health and legal professionals. Recommended reading: “The Stepfamily Handbook” by Bonnell & Papernow.

Session I: From One Home to Two Homes to Stepfamily

  • Families don’t “blend”… stepping into stepfamily
  • Original family structure – next time family reality
  • Children are challenged by losses, loyalty binds and change
  • Growth and development implications for adjusting to stepfamily

Session II: From Parenting to Co-Parenting to Step-Parenting

  •  Insiders and outsiders … the nature of the beast
  • The psychodynamic strain on the intimate partnership
  • Secrets to successful discipline in stepfamily
  • “But, this is my house, too”

Session III: From Co-Parents to a Skillful Parenting Coalition

  • Co-parents are part of the stepfamily
  • Culture: the invisible influence that results in the big “Ooops”
  • Affairs delay adjustment
  • Gray re-couplers … what’s adult children have to do with it?
  • When a co-parent is deceased

To Register

Please call Cassie at 425-443-4795 or email her at clfung11@ymail.com and provide your name & phone number. Payment through PayPal using Karen’s email: Karen@coachmediateconsult.com. Continuing education for mental health and legal professionals pending.